Technology Law

Could you imagine a life without technology? We can’t. And that’s why we help you secure yours.

Key areas of our "Technology Law" services

Technology has impacted our lives and has revolutionised the way we conduct business over the past decade. Technology and the advances in communication and information technology has changed the face and the pace of business. We can now develop technology in Australia and market it to customers worldwide and we can work without an office anywhere in the world. For anyone who wants to be successful in this disruptive online environment, you need to adapt and ensure that every aspect of your business in protected.

Key points to know about "Technology Law"

Do you have the correct agreements in place with your customers and suppliers to ensure that you are obtaining an income from your technology? Your customer agreements may need to include clauses relating to delivering the services, payments (to help you get paid on time), charging interest, mandatory consumer law provisions, and limiting your liability.

Just because you have secured a domain name, business or company name does not mean that you ownership rights to this name. To obtain a commercial advantage you will need to register your brand as a Trade Mark in relation to the goods and services you wish to sell. (See registering Trade Marks in Australia).

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