No matter what the obstacle, no matter how big the opponent, Bayard Lawyers will assist you to commercialise and protect your important business assets.

Our Story

At Bayard Lawyers, we believe that in today’s competitive world, protecting your intellectual property is vital. We also believe people who work hard and do the right thing shouldn’t be brought down by those that don’t. There’s also a little part of us actually loves going into battle. We love using the law as a shield to protect those who have been wronged, and as a sword to drive home the advantage.

How We Work

We’re tenacious, and we don’t give up. We rarely accept no for an answer and don’t let roadblocks get in the way. If we hit one, we tend to go around it which typically leads us straight to the decision maker. In fact, we’ll keep going until we get the best possible result for our clients.

We’re human; as are our clients and their adversaries. So we often use humour as a means of making a connection between two parties, which gets people talking, and leads to a faster and better outcome.

We’re also agile and adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges. We’ll often find a creative way of getting the best result, by looking at a problem from several different angles.

Most importantly, we’re a sounding board. We’ll form a close working relationship with each of our clients, so they’re comfortable enough to share their ideas and the problems they face in day to day business. As a result, we’ll get to know them and their businesses well enough to make constructive and commercially viable recommendations.

Meet Jacinta
Lawyer and Founder of Bayard Lawyers

Jacinta is the Founder and Principal of Bayard Lawyers. She has practised Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Commercial Law for more than 22 years.

Jacinta’s extensive experience extends to working both in-house, private practice and as a company director for some of her overseas clients. By combining her legal expertise with commercial experience, Jacinta believes she achieves the most timely and cost-effective outcomes for her clients.