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What does the Privacy Policy Template Do?
The Privacy Policy template is essential for informing clients and visitors. Regardless of the mode of collection, the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) requires businesses with a turnover of $3 million or greater to ensure that individuals are aware of certain mandatory information prior to or at the time any personal information is collected about them.

Why Do I Need This?
This mandatory information includes the name and contact details of the business collecting the personal information, the individual’s right to access their personal information, and how the personal information will be used and shared.

What’s the Main Benefit?
In a privacy policy or statement, the individual is required to accept before any personal information is collected. Our privacy policy sample will fulfill all of your requirements, and is essential if you’ve got a certain size of business; allowing you to continue running it smoothly.

Additional Key Points
This Privacy Statement template fulfills a legal requirement and discloses how your company will use clients’ data
See our Privacy Policy Checklists to assist with answering your questions and drafting a Privacy Policy which is tailored to your specific needs

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